Solutions and application design


  • Solutions development using the ideal methodology for the project (e.g. Agile, RUP, Waterfall, etc.) from conceptual design, approach,  requirements development, general and detail designs (including flow diagrams), code development, testing, and implementation with communications and team work the top priority.

  • Targeted Communications via well lead, well organized meetings, presentations, user surveys and early end user involovement to balance optimal user experience and minimize costly re-work.


Business process development
  • JR IT Services provides a wide variety of services related to business processes, including developing or enhancing programs such as:
    • Project Management
    • Enterprise Architecture 
    • Life Cycle Management
    • Knowledge Management
    • Process Engineering


Process Engineering Methodology


  • Almost all business functions can be broken down into repeating processes. Most organizations can reduce operating costs by over 30% by streamlining their critical, repeating processes.  However, very few organization are able to clearly identify them or even realize they have duplicative, inefficient processes in place.


  • Process engineering is a well defined methodology that enables organizations to manage and streamline their critical processes.





System, in this context, is used to describe systems within an enterprise, such as the information technology system, business process systems, the system of clients, employees and relationships, etc.  Systems can be identified and clarified, similar to the way processes can be (as described above), at various levels, to improve communications for developing new information systems and/or processes.  Also, seeing the organization in a new light can help reduce operating costs and even bring awareness to new revenue generating opportunities.


JT IT Services provides innovative engineering and consulting services for all of your systems and processes.












PHP, HTML/CSS, Java, JavaScript, VB, C, C++, C#, Assembler, PL/I, Rexx, JCL, etc.


Dev tools, OS, etc.

Eclipse,, SharePoint,

Free Templates (Wix, WordPress), 

GoDaddy, Unix, IBM OS2

Project Management
Enterprise Architecture 
Life Cycle Management
Knowledge Management
Process Engineering
Identification and definition of:
Technology systems
Business systems
Relationship systems (i.e. clients, end users, employees, etc).